Meagan Jennings Berg

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Meagan Jennings-Berg, Investor Relations

Meagan Jennings-Berg

Investor Relations

Meagan leads Investor Relations & Capital Raising at Fireman Capital Partners and joined the firm in 2014. As the point person for Investor Relations & Fundraising efforts, she is responsible for managing and developing all aspects of FCP’s relationships with current and prospective investors. Meagan brings over ten years of experience in both the Investor Relations and Private Equity fields.

Prior to joining FCP, Meagan spent three years at The RMR Group, a private management firm that externally advises a large portfolio of publicly owned real estate, including approximately 2,000 properties throughout North America and Australia, where she helped spearhead investor relations initiatives. Prior to joining The RMR Group, in 2010, Meagan was a Research Assistant at Berkshire Partners. There, she worked for three years on assisting deal teams with due diligence on portfolio companies in the Consumer Products and Retail, Communications, Transportation, Industrials and Business Services industries.

Meagan received her BS in Marketing and Finance from Bentley University.